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The Five Habits of Fit Men

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If you can start developing these good habits, you can start reaching your fitness goals.

They’re disciplined

Fit men don’t treat their alarm clock like an amber traffic light, they don’t skip a gym session when they wake up a bit bleary-eyed, they don’t opt for a bag of chips for lunch when they’re feeling a little slack — instead, they set goals, and they achieve them. The alarm clock is sacrosanct, and so is the meal plan and exercise regime — and that doesn’t necessarily mean lifting heavy seven days a week and eating like a rabbit, but it certainly means prioritising time for exercise every day and sticking to a balanced, pre-planned diet.

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They eat well

A stick of gum and a cup of coffee doesn’t come close to providing the fuel you need for a proper workout — fit men are as disciplined in the kitchen as they are in the gym, planning sensible portions of nutritious meals. That means plenty of protein for breakfast — eggs on wholegrain toast, for instance — to help build muscle and lay the foundation for a productive day, then plenty of greens and lean meat throughout the day, as well as litres of water, particularly in recovery mode after a big workout.


They prepare

“By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail” — it sounds like a cheesy line some high school football coach would bellow at his rag-tag gridiron team in a 1990s sports drama, but it’s dead true. Fit men don’t stumble out of bed and grab the first thing they see in the fridge for breakfast, then stick their head in the gym and jump on whatever machine tickles their fancy — they remember to soak their oats the night before then when they hit the gym, they adhere to their carefully planned training routine not just for the day but for the whole week.

They sleep well

Two-time Olympic triathlete Courtney Atkinson told Men’s Style this month that “Sleep is the single best recovery for hard work and it’s at night where the real magic happens strengthening the body,” and who are we to disagree with a bloke who treks 243km on foot, bike, and kayak across New Zealand for fun? Lack of sleep erodes your willpower, fires up the hormones that stimulate hunger, and robs you of all that valuable recovery you’re missing out on.

Courtney Atkinson

They turn fitness into a lifestyle

Discipline and diet and a solid seven hours each night doesn’t feel like a chore to fit men, because it’s their way of life. They’re not trying to squeeze into a tux for a wedding or lose a couple of kegs post-Christmas — fitness is the product of behaviour that’s entrenched over years and decades, to the point where those six o’clock alarms and eggs on rye bread breakkies feel less like an effort than a habit.

Tim Robards
Tim Robards