The 10 Apps Every Man Needs On His Phone

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Uber, Tinder, Spotify . . . what next?


The premier photo editing app going around. Sharpen, crop, tint, and saturate your snaps before you upload them to Instagram so they pop more than pics that have just been treated by Insta’s bog standard filters.


Up to 70% off designer labels? Yes please. Gilt’s exceptionally easy-to-use app offers exclusive discounts and sales to its 10 million users across the planet.


Create a list of your goals, discuss them with experts and other users, record your achievements in the app, then gloat about it to your mates on social media. What’s not to love?


You’ll never forget a meeting, anniversary, or shopping list again with this app, which consolidates links, check lists, tables, attachments, audio recordings, and even handwritten notes into one searchable package.


Previously known as ‘Read It Later’, a much more literal description of what this app is: a reading list of recommended and saved news stories and articles that you can read offline at a time that suits you.


Mr Porter

With more than 400 luxury menswear brands — we’re talking Gucci, Burberry, Saint Laurent, and Balmain to name a few — at the tip of your fingers, this shopping app should come with a warning label before you melt your credit card.


Creates robust passwords for all of your apps, then stores them so you don’t have to remember them. A godsend for those of us with the memory of a goldfish but who are still terrified to set our banking password as ‘abc123’.


If you can’t manage your passwords, you’re no chance of managing your money, so download Mint to bring together your all your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments and keep track of what you’re spending and saving.

Men’s Hairstyles

Road test a new look before you actually head to the barber by pairing a selfie with a catalogue of potential hairstyles that are edited onto your noggin in a way that’s much more realistic than a lot of jokier rival apps.


There’s nothing wrong with the iPhone’s free podcast player . . . but regular podcasters should make the small investment for Overcast’s audio enhancements, ability to skip ads, custom playlists, recommendations, and other handy playback features.