Six Food Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2018

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Check out the culinary trends you’ll spot on your plate — and on your Instagram feed — over the next 12 months.


This isn’t just a novelty that turns regular food black — activated charcoal, usually made of charred coconut shells, contains a negative charge that is meant to bind to chemicals and remove them from the body. This eye-catching detox fad is gripping hamburger buns, croissants, juices, macarons, and even jet black ice cream.

Floral flavours

Edible flowers being sprinkled on top of dishes are nothing new — every cooking show contestant for the last five years has dished up their meals with a liberal coating of lavender and chamomile — but in 2018, subtly sweet floral flavours and aromatics will actually be infused into the dish. Think violet marshmallows, lavender muesli, floral ice cream (below) and wild elderflower in cocktails.

Bubbly drinks

No, not soda — these sparkling beverages hardly contain a trace of sugar. Kombucha is already huge, LaCroix flavoured soda water continues to spearhead the trend, and even the bottled water giants like Mount Franklin are jumping on the bandwagon with a range of zero-sugar canned tonics.

Poke bowls

This Hawaiian staple is sweeping the globe as consumers demand healthier takeaway lunch options that aren’t just some depressing low-fat salad. ‘Poke’ literally means ‘diced’, referring to the cubes or raw fish that make up the bulk of the bowl, paired with rice, vegetables, seeds and light sauces.

Vegan and vegetarian

More and more of us will choose to go meat-free for ethical and environmental reasons in 2018, and it’s becoming much easier to eat a plant-based diet with more vegan and vegetarian restaurants popping up and a boom in high-tech meat substitutes — think sushi tuna made of tomatoes, ice cream made of avocados, and burger patties made of beans.

Healthy snacks

Yet another healthy food trend — starting to notice a theme? — is wholesome snacks replacing the 3.30pm vending machine candy bar or bag of crisps. Baked seaweed, puffed rice, lentil crisps, and energy bars made of nuts and seeds are a few of the options replacing the junk.