Could Your Instagram Be Making You Money?

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The website that can help you monetise your selfie habit.

Anyone who’s scrolled through Instagram has seen the social media ‘influencers’ making a fortune flogging hemp bikinis and goji berry-infused facial creams to their legions of followers… but it turns out it’s not only the Insta-famous who can make a dollar out of the social media platform.

A new website called Inkifi ( has built a calculator that figures out exactly what your Instagram posts could be worth depending on your number of followers — even if you don’t have millions of Insta friends.

Inkifi reckons half of marketers are set to ramp up their spending on influencer marketing campaigns over the next 12 months and are encouraging Instagram users to learn exactly what they could make from a single post.

There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to travel the world for free or build your own tanning lotion empire but ‘micro-influencers’ are still able to make a tidy amount by plugging products and services for brands.

Deals between companies and influencers obviously vary, but Inkifi estimates that one follower is worth about £0.0043 (or AUD $0.0075), which doesn’t sound like much — but it means that you only need 1200 or so followers to make a tenner from a single post.

Companies are eager to work with micro-influencers because although they have less reach than the bigger celebrities whose follower count sits in the millions, their smaller followings are more engaged with their content and more likely to trust an endorsement and take that recommendation.

Inkifi estimates that Instagram users with a follower count of between 3000 and 10,000 can expect to make around $100 per post, while influencers with a following in the 50,000 region should demand $400. That’s a pretty handy side hustle.

And who knows, you might make it really big. Selena Gomez is the platform’s most followed celeb with 130 million fans, and charges upwards of half a million dollars per sponsored post. Cristiano Ronaldo and anyone with the surname ‘Jenner’ or ‘Kardashian’ are worth figures in the same ball park.

Visit Inkifi’s website to see what your Insta posts could be worth.