How To Tell If You’ve Got Low Testosterone… And How To Fix It

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Testosterone is the hormone that makes the man, so how can your tell if your T levels are a little low… and what can you do to fix it?

Symptoms of low testosterone

No sex drive

Testosterone is the key that unlocks receptors in the brain that lets you know, ‘Hey, buddy, you should probably be getting excited about this’. Being less hungry in the bedroom — including less sex dreams or appetite to masturbate — indicates low T, which can even shrink the tissues in your penis and balls (yikes).

Weak muscles

If you’re finding it as hard to shift tin as you are to get it up, that’s another dead giveaway. Testosterone helps your body assemble the proteins that form muscles, and muscle mass erodes when there’s not enough T pumping around the body.

Pot gut

That beer belly mightn’t only be due to a few extra pints — low testosterone also leads to fat buildup around your organs, increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Memory loss, an increased risk of prostate cancer, and poor mental health are other side effects of low T.

How to boost your testosterone

Hit the gym

Exercise is the obvious solution to battle a beer gut and low muscle mass. Lifting weights, in particular, boosts the body’s production of T, while cardio is beneficial for weight loss.

Stress less

Tension pumps out the hormone cortisol, which blocks your body’s capacity to produce and utilise testosterone — and working out is a great way to alleviate stress, on top of all the other obvious health benefits.

Sober up

That extra weight around the gut stuffs up your production of hormones, and funnily enough, one of the best ways to cut the beer belly is to cut out beer and other alcohol.

Eat more fat

Losing weight shouldn’t come at the expense of cutting healthy fat out of your diet. Foods loaded with monounsaturated fats — fish, nuts, avocado, salmon, eggs, olive oil — protect both your heart and your levels of testosterone.