Men’s Style Chats With Aussie Actor On The Rise, Luke Bracey

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Sydney-raised actor Luke Bracey is the next Aussie actor with big things ahead following his high-profile role in Hacksaw Ridge. Now he’s been named as the face of men’s fragrances Ralph Lauren Polo Red.

You’re joining elite company as an actor with an ambassador role with a men’s fragrance, Luke – James Franco, Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, to name a few… `
When I fell into acting, it was one of those things that I didn’t want to say out aloud but I’ve always really wanted to be involved in something like this. I think the campaigns around men’s fragrances are really cool and fun and they sell something that allows men to give themselves some more confidence. It’s not going to make you, but it help give you that lift you need.

Why do you think they chose you for this role?
They wanted to take another angle for the fragrance and I think as they planning it, I’d just been in Point Break. We had amazing action sequences through that whole movie and that was kind of the angle they wanted for it… it was about pushing yourself, challenging yourself, being bold and taking risks.

Have you always been a connoisseur of men’s scents or are you on a learning curve?
Connoisseur? Maybe not, but I’ve always had a fragrance. It’s one of those gifts your older sister gives you when you’re 16 but then as you get older you realise, oh, maybe this is a part of me and then you try some different ones. I’ve landed on the scent for me, now.

What do you like about Polo Red?
I like it because it’s got a bit of spice but it’s also sweet and and not too musky. Some men’s scents smell like they’re too much for a younger man, and others are too old, but this fits right in that gap where it’s perfect for men who have taken on their life, they’re taking risks and taking gambles, backing themselves, and that’s what I like about it. It’s a true scent.

What’s your approach to fashion and grooming? Are you at the stage where they give you a stylist?
When it comes to press for movies, I’m lucky enough now that the studio gets you in a room with knowing people and they get you in the right gear. But the main thing is to feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter how expensive the thing is or what brand it is, if you don’t feel yourself in it then it’s kind of a waste. I love a good suit to wear to premieres or awards night, and I like them quite simple. With grooming, being these masculine men from Australia, we don’t feel that natural going and washing our faces and putting moisturiser on but I’m learning… I am trying to take more care of myself. I’m just glad I get to work with professional make-up artists, who give you little tips… just simple things. Also, with my job, proper grooming is a sort of insurance for the future.

Are you part of the Aussie mafia in LA?
A little bit. I only did Home And Away here so I didn’t have heaps of mates who were actors but I have some [Australian] mates I hang out with [in LA], so if the footy or cricket is on we’ll get together and have a few beers. Every day you walk down the street in LA and you hear Aussie accents, it’s nice to hear that piece of home.

Luke as he appeared in Hacksaw Ridge with Andrew Garfield

What’s your approach to work now – are you seeking roles which expand your skill set or is it more pragmatic than that?
As an actor you’re always a little pragmatic, so as soon as you finish a movie the first thought you have is, ‘I’m not going to work again.’ But for me, I knew from the start it was a marathon not a sprint, and potentially I can have a long and fruitful career that I’m proud of, so it’s about finding the balance. I have been in that world since Hacksaw Ridge; that was such an amazing movie to be a part of. One of those things where I hoped I’d be in a film like that at least once in my career, even if I was 80, so for it to happen quite early in my career, it made me sit back and think. I actually took some time off and actually said no to a few things for the first time and then this job with Ralph Lauren came long in that period which has allowed me to explore different aspects of the business. I just finished a film in Toronto and I film one in Tasmania next year, a great Australian story about abalone poaching, so I’m keen to get back into it.

What will you do for Christmas and New Year?
I’ll be in Sydney for Christmas having a barbecue at my sister’s place on the beach – some prawns, some oysters, some white wine. At New Year’s, I go up to Quirindi with some friends of mine. We went up there for five or six years in a row but we haven’t for a couple years now so it will be a bit of a reunion. New Year’s Eve can be an anticlimax but this never disappoints because there’s no phone reception. All we do is sit around, telling lies and drinking beers.