How To Smell Good Even When You’re Not Wearing Fragrance

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Sick of straddling that fine line between a subtle spritz of scent and ponging it up like Pepé Le Pew? This is how to smell great without relying on your fragrance.


Anyone who’s suffered the misfortune of finding themselves beneath a sweaty outstretched armpit on a crowded peak hour train doesn’t need to be reminded of the value of a good quality antiperspirant. Not the half a can of Lynx Africa you used to deposit under your armpits as a 15-year-old, but a more neutral-smelling deodorant — alcohol-free and scentless if you’ve got sensitive skin, which still helps to maintain a natural yet fresh aroma.

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The eau de toilette isn’t the only item in your bathroom cabinet that can produce a pleasant scent that sticks around all day — a fragrant shampoo and conditioner combination, a citrusy body lotion or peppermint oil to lather up in the shower, a mango or coconut oil moisturiser, a masculine-smelling hair cream or paste, a few drops of sandalwood oil on your wrists or a seasonal beard oil on your whiskers are all more subtle alternatives.


Nobody wants to be that guy who fills the office with the whiff of perspiration so follow these tips to sweat less — — including drinking less coffee, eating less spicy food, and showering at a medium-cool temp to start your day on a dry note. If your glands are still going crazy, consider a thin undershirt to act as a sweat barrier and stick to clothes that are cool and breathable — light cotton to wick moisture away from the body, tick; polyester, big cross.


Sorry, mate — that business shirt can’t be worn two days in a row, those chinos that haven’t seen suds in a month are starting to pong, and if you’re even tossing up whether that jumper is too smelly to get another day out of then toss it straight into the dirty clothes basket. It’a a simple rule: fresh clothes equal a fresh scent, because no amount of Norsca can distract from day-old sweat. A powerful laundry detergent also helps.

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The rest of you can smell as pure as a clean mountain spring, but a chronic case of halitosis hits you like a sewerage dump in that unspoiled stream. Sugary gums and mints can only paper over the problem for a few minutes — regular brushing, flossing, and gargling is the only permanent solution, plus a tongue scraper if you’re really going to town on your mouth bacteria.