How To Care For Your Skin In Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

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Obviously your skin changes through the decades so here is useful advice for maintaining it in its best condition as you get older.

During your 20s

Your skin is naturally healthier when you’re young — it doesn’t need as much help exfoliating pores or maintaining moisture levels — so there’s no need for strong scrubs that can irritate the skin. Instead, your 20s are the time when you should establish a basic routine, filling your bathroom cabinet with a gentle exfoliant, a quality moisturiser, and sunscreen or an SPF-infused moisturiser. That last one is particularly important, because UV damage erodes the skin’s supply of collagen and accelerates wrinkles . . . we’ve all seen that ‘tanned’ bloke at the beach whose back looks like an old leather couch at the tip. It also pays to establish a solid shaving routine — including fresh blades, pre-shave oil, and a post-shave balm — because you’ll be doing it every morning for the rest of your life.


In your 30s

On the other side of the big three-oh, stress starts mounting, your career starts getting more serious, there might even be kids into the equation, and your skin starts to show the signs. On top of the basic routine you’ve mastered, some extra products — eye creams, face masks, deep cleansers — need to be added to the mix. Crows feet around the eyes are always the first sign of ageing that begin to emerge around 30, so gently massaging an eye cream just beneath your eyes each morning reduces that appearance of tiredness. Also, the production of skin cells slows down and skin tone becomes less even, so a stronger exfoliant is needed to keep your skin looking smooth and clear. That also demands a more robust cleanser to offset any irritation caused by more potent ingredients in your skincare products.

After 40

Once you enter your fifth decade, you’re definitely into “anti-ageing” territory. Your skin dries out as you age, so although you don’t need to worry about acne breakouts anymore, you need to focus on replenishing your skin with products such as a hydrating daily wash and an even more nourishing moisturiser. Wrinkles have well and truly bedded in by now, starting to emerge around the mouth and nose, so find products packed with active ingredients — retinoid is feted as a silver bullet that firms the skin, targets brown spots, fights wrinkles, and stimulates the production of collagen, while peptides also boost collagen and even out pigment.