Will You Be Wearing A Festive Romper This Christmas?

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Are you brave enough?

We’ve seen a surge in ugly Christmas sweaters over the last five years — those knitted red and green abominations that usually feature some puerile design like Santa Claus on a surfboard or two reindeer fornicating or a snowman with a carrot where his joystick should be.

Well, brace yourselves for an even more hideous piece of Christmas clothing: the ugly Christmas romper.

Online retailer Get On Fleek — and yes, sadly, that is their real name — have released a range of festive all-in-ones, each coming with built-in shorts, buttoned front, collar, breast pocket and a zipper so you don’t need to get totally naked just to use the bathroom.

There’s the Santa special (above), with its sexy take on Father Christmas’ iconic red suit, an elf’s outfit, featuring a green top and a fetching pair of red and white striped shorts, and an offering described as ‘the classic’, which includes a tangled web of fairy lights, presents, stocking and snowflakes slapped on a red background in something vaguely resembling an eight-year-old’s show-and-tell presentation.

And Jews who want to get into the style-blind spirit of the season can also pick up a Hanukkah version, complete with spinning dreidels, Stars of David, and a menorah accompanied by that revered Hebrew expression ‘It’s Lit’.

The rompers aren’t Get on Fleek’s only Christmas creation — they’ve also got ugly jumpers themed after Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, marijuana and pole dancing — nor the only eye-catching all-in-ones in their store — the floral, rainbow, purple ‘llama-corn’, American flag and Statue of David rompers need to be seen to be believed.

These ugly Christmas numbers aren’t even the only rompers to shock the world this year — first there was the pastel RompHim, then the all-lace version came along — but they very well might be the most tasteless.

If you feel like disappointing your family and forfeiting your dignity these holidays, the festive rompers are available for US$99.99 (AUD $130) from Get On Fleek