Five Accessories To Upgrade Your Look

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The little touches that round out and finish off your overall look…


Not quite a scarf, not quite a cravat, not quite a handkerchief, but a thoroughly stylish modern accessory that can lift a whole outfit. It takes a liberal dose of sartorial panache to pull off a kerchief so don’t be scared of bright colours and bold patterns or prints — either styled with a summery open-necked white shirt or adding some colour to a navy jacket, or even worn as a pocket square.

Micro wallet

Carrying around a brick-sized wallet stuffed full of more cards than a poker table has never been in style but micro-wallets continue to be a particularly hot trend. Pocket organisers, money clips, cardholders and especially classic leather bifolds all ooze sophistication and remove that unnecessary bulk from your trousers, especially a suit.

Baseball cap

The humble baseball cap is the perfect intersection of the athleisure and normcore trends, alongside trainers and looser silhouettes. And the baseball cap of 2017 is more upscale than its sporting origins, evolving from that scruffy old Yankees cap you picked on a trip to New York a decade ago into smart plain monochrome numbers that make a polished addition to your casual wear.

Smart watch

Wearable technology has tended to be the ugly redheaded stepsister of more attractive timepieces, like you’re carrying around a primary school calculator on your wrist — but with luxury watchmakers joining Apple and Samsung in the smartwatch game, they’re starting to look a little less hideous. Louis Vuitton entered the connected watch category with the Tambour Horizon, and Michael Kors (below), Huawei, Skagen, Montblanc, Boss, and Timex have all joined the party, too.


Donning tasteful jewellery is the mark of a modern man who knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to style, capable of building on the foundation of his clothing with a little cherry of an accessory on top. The very act of wearing a bracelet is a statement enough in itself, so keep it simple — minimalist styles in leather, silver, and gold add a laid-back touch to both casual and formal outfits, without overdoing it with bright beads or textured ropes.