Test your watch knowledge

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Take our Friday Quiz: how much do you know about timepieces?

1.Bezel is the…

a) measurement of a watch’s accuracy to the millionth of a second.

b) mythological hourglass used by the devil to measure eternity.

c) ring on the topside of the watch in which is set the glass or crystal.

d) most-prized Swiss brand of vintage pocket watch.



2. NATO Watchstrap simply means the watchstrap is made…

a) from the brass used to produce 5.56mm NATO shell casings.

b) to fit all brands of pilot’s watch made after WWII.

c) from durable nylon.

d) to glow in the dark.


 3. An Incabloc is a…

a) pre-Colombian sundial that gave us the 12-hour watch face.

b) self-winding mechanism found only in pilot’s watches after WWII.

c) spring-mounted balance to protect the movement from knocks and bumps.

d) the famous Peruvian watchmaker’s guild.



4. Swiss Ronda and Japanese Miyota…

a) were the world’s two best-selling mass-market watches in the 1960s.

b) won “Best In Show — Boutique Category” at this year’s Baselworld.

c) are the leading companies producing mass-market quartz movements.

d) are boutique brands who share Justin Bieber as their ambassador.


5. Sapphire crystal is…

a) used to make smart watches accurate to a billionth of a second.

b) the preferred material with which to make bezels for dive watches.

c) a synthetic material used to protect watch faces that’s nearly diamond-hard.

d) what Nintendo used make its famous 1980s Game Watch “Oil Panic”.


And the answer to each question is…