Men’s Style Meets Lapo Elkann

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Lapo Elkann

The Fiat heir and headline-grabbing party animal is also a relentlessly creative individual. Men’s Style grabbed a brief sit-down with Lapo Elkann at the announcement of his latest Italia Independent collaboration with Hublot during our recent visit to  Baselworld 2017.

You have collaborated with Hublot for a few years now – is creative partnering something you do easily?

I love to create. Creation is part of my DNA and its part of my daily life. We’ve been working with Hublot for a while, first working with the Big Bang and bringing materials like carbon fibre, texalium, denim and chinos in a more aggressive watch case which is the Big Bang. Today at Baselworld you are seeing us present our ideas in a more traditional type of watch which is the Hublot Classic Fusion.

What are the key differences from the first Hublot Italia Independent collection?

In Milan earlier this year we presented this new Classic Fusion in one story which is inspired by the tailoring world. We have found vintage cloth materials in the shop of the famous Rubinacci tailors of Naples and have displayed those materials on the dial and also on the watch strap… materials from the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, which are very limited, and limited to the watches we’re doing, so its real tailoring, not marketing. Today we also introduced the watches for women where we worked with velvet and white diamonds. When I thought about the velvet I thought about the tuxedo and about soft materials which are distinguished and elegant, which is what women are to us and to the world.

Hublot Classic Fusion men’s pieces in the Italia Independent collection.
Hublot Big Bang One Click Italia Independent women’s pieces in velvet.

Do you see the watches in this collection for men being exclusively worn with a suit?

The real beauty of it is that there are no rules. The beauty of rules is in breaking them. Today in the world we live in, rules are made to be broken, so the reality is that you can have a tailormade watch and also wear it with a t-shirt and denim, why not? It’s a matter of: do you have confidence? Do you feel good with yourself or do you not feel good with yourself, that is the real question.

Italian tailor Luca Rubinacci, Lapo Elkann and Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

You’re a famously flamboyant dresser – how do go about dressing? Do you plan it out or are you impulsive?

I don’t even think about, I simply do what I want and how I feel. It depends on the morning, It’s a mood and a choice depending on what I have to do and where I have to go.