Marc Newson and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 568 Clock

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The famous Australian industrial designer continues his collaboration with Jaeger-LeCoultre, which started in 2008.

The latest incarnation of a relationship that commenced in 2008 is the ethereal Atmos 568 Clock, the product of industrial designer Marc Newson working with the Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Maison to create an object of rare beauty and purity.

Australian Newson, famed for creations such as the Lockheed Lounge, has applied his formidable imagination to the “clock that lives on air”, the mechanism housed within a transparent Baccarat crystal globe.


“I was thrilled to have been asked to design an Atmos because it is a timepiece that I have loved since I first saw one when I was in my early teens,” says Newson. “An Atmos for me is a complex and magical object, it seemingly runs on perpetual motion or the closest thing to it and it needs a constant environment to function in. It is as if it is a living thing – you have the feeling that it can sense your presence – which I find strangely comforting.”

The timekeeping mechanism, which appears to float freely in the air, is actually being held in place by the rear part of the movement. On the movement’s reverse, the mechanism is visibly held in place at four points, rather than the three on traditional Atmos clocks, to create symmetry. The membrane bridge, redesigned in a cross-shape and with a brushed finish, showcases the membrane’s bellows to great effect. It bears the clock’s name in the chosen shade of blue, along with the designer’s discreet signature in his trademark orange.