Interview with Australia’s NBA Star Matthew Dellavedova

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After playing a key role in the 2016 NBA victory by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Matthew Dellavedova is one of Australia’s most high profile players in the world’s premier basketball competition, Men’s Style spoke to him in Melbourne when he attended a TAG Heuer event.

Great to see you back, Delly. How long have you had a relationship with TAG Heuer?
It’s a recent development that they’ve been taking care of me as a partner of the brand. It’s pretty cool to be associated with such a high quality international brand.

What are you rocking as wristwear?

I’ve got the Heuer 01 today on and they’ve also given me one of the new Connected Modular 45s… they were just showing me how that works and I’m looking forward to getting that connected up to my phone.

What’s your view of smart, customisable watches like the Connected Modular 45?
It’s good because you have a lot of watches in the one watch. You can mix or match with different outfits and make it more sporty or more formal depending on the occasion.

Are your NBA team-mates right into their watches?

Yeah, many of them love watches and also fashion in general. I’m going to have to show them some of my new watches and get them to wear one of these.

Pre-game sometimes looks like a Milan fashion parade 0 how do you go on the fashion side?

My second year at Cleveland was when LeBron arrived and that brought a lot more media attention and that meant everyone had to up the standard of their outfits a bit. I had to dress a little sharper after that. Godwin Charli has been helping me out with some clothes and advice since I’ve been back, and also my wife, so I’m getting better!

Has it been hard to live up to the standard you displayed in 2015 and 2016?

I don’t think so. I had a pretty good run in the playoffs in 2015 but we fell short as a team. The next year we came back and won the championship, so that was one of the better feelings I’ve had in my life. I’m looking forward to seeing where we can go with the Bucks because it’s a young team on the rise and I’m hungry to do something special.

Are similar things expected of you since you went across to the Milwaukee Bucks?
Similar things on court, but I’ve gone from being a younger guy on an older team in Cleveland to an older, more experienced guy on a younger team in Milwaukee. I’ve always been a leader and in the point guard position, you have to be anyway so I’ve enjoyed that experience.

Are Australians still a novelty in the NBA or less so now that there’s a smattering of them across the various teams?

I think we’ve got eight or nine Aussies in the NBA now and the values we bring as Australian sportspeople – being all about the team, hard workers, fun to be around – all of that is very valuable to NBA teams over the course of an 82-game NBA season where you’re on the road a lot with a hectic schedule and you’re spending a lot of time together. Hopefully there’s a lot more Aussies coming over in the near future.

We read late last year there might be a film being made of your life – is that still happening?

That’s not going to happen but out of that discussion we started a media company working with some of those guys and we have some interesting projects in the pipeline.

Always good coming home?

Oh yeah. It’s been a busy week doing media and sponsor commitments but I’m looking forward to getting back to Maryborough, relaxing, hanging out with the family, catching up with mates and going for a bike ride.