Chris Hemsworth Drives a Formula E Car For TAG Heuer

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The star of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok proves he’s Mr Versatility by taking the wheel of a Formula E car in New York as part of his TAG Heuer brand ambassador role.

To mark the arrival of the FIA Formula E Championship in the United States for the inaugural New York City ePrix Race, Australia’s very own Thor, Chris Hemsworth, kicked off the championship’s final race  by taking a lap of the track in one of the cars.

In his role as TAG Heuer ambassador, Hemsworth test-drove the track with an exclusively designed Formula E show car that featured his name and Australian flag alongside the TAG Heuer logo, proving his ability not to crack under pressure as thousands of fans watched from the stands. The Byron Bay local also wore the Connected Modular 45 smartwatch released this year at Baselworld.

“I loved being behind the wheel at Formula E”, said Hemsworth, “That sense of adventure and adrenaline rush is something I find very appealing. I grew up in a culture of motorbike, so I’ve always really liked racing. Making the jump to cars was easy.” Hemsworth’s partnership with TAG Heuer was a natural progression after his portrayal of the Formula 1 driver, James Hunt, in the 2013 motorsport film, Rush, in which TAG Heuer was a partner.

Nelson Piguet Jr gives Chris some pointers.

TAG Heuer is an active Official Founding Partner of the FIA Formula E Championship since the tournament’s inception in 2014, paving the way for the brand to become the ‘FIA Formula E Official Timing Sponsor’, ‘Official Watch and Chronograph of the Championship’ and the’ Official Timekeeper of the Championship’.