Check The Watch Made Out Of A Porsche

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The Porsche 911’s iconic design has remained all but untouched since its 1963 release . . . until now.

A Kickstarter campaign is raising the funds to produce a line of watches made of recycled pieces of the legendary Porsche model, with Danish watchmakers REC incorporating not only the raw materials but also elements of the 911’s elegant design in their ground-breaking 901 collection.

REC — so called because they recover, recycle, and reclaim the parts they use to build their watches, so each piece comes with its own unique story — attracted 6000 votes to a poll on their website asking which vehicle they should fashion into a watch collection. The 911 earned 63% of the ballot, ahead of the Dodge Charger (21%) and the Volkswagen T2 (16%).

The Copenhagen watchmakers have used the legendary Porsche as inspiration for virtually every detail of the pieces that make up the 901 Collection. The overall shape of the watch is inspired by the 911’s smooth corners, with lugs on either side of the 44mm oval-shaped four-piece stainless steel case mirroring the sports car’s trademark rear engine air grille.


The indices are written in the German carmaker’s distinctive font, the glow-in-the-dark hands channel the orange gauge needles of early 911 models, the transparent caseback resembles Otto Fuchs rims, and the profile of the case and crown is designed to echo the wide rear fenders of the 911 Turbo.

Even the three colour variations — featuring soft, changeable double-calf leather straps with inner lining, coloured green (901-01), brown (901-02), and black (901-03) — are taken from the most popular 911 models, and the name of the collection — 901 — pays tribute to the car line’s original internal project number.

And the icing on the cake: each piece comes with a license-plate-inspired ID number and an individual, scannable ‘story card’ that tells you the history of the car that forms your wristwatch.


You can back the concept and reserve your timepiece for as little as US$895 (AUD$1200) right up to a triple pack worth US$2685 (AUD$3500) on Kickstarter — the campaign went live at the start of the month, and orders are expected to be fulfilled by September 2017.

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