Alpina’s Baselworld Star

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Heritage Swiss watch brand Alpina introduced the well received Alpina KM-710 at this year’s Baselworld, a modern interpretation of the reliable Navy Service Wristwatch.

Alpina is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the “sports watch” category, Having been founded around the turn of the 20th Century, in 1933 it became one of Europe’s most prominent brands with the Alpina “Blockuhr”, noted for its innovative steel case and patented sealed winding and setting crown.

As early as 1934, Germany’s massive rearmament saw Swiss company Alpina supply the Kriegsmarine with service watches with clearly legible dials and hands. The numbered pocket-watches and wristwatches were given out on loan and meticulously entered into the quartermaster’s book of accounts.


Now in-demand collectors’ items, only a limited supply of Alpina service wristwatches remain in acceptable condition… and with case diameters that ranged only from 32-35 millimetres.

Such is the motivation for Alpina to create attractive new interpretations of these historical wristwatches. For the design basics of the cases, dials and hands, the product designers took a good look at the sought-after originals… but now with Super-LumiNova luminescent material on the dial and hands, a stainless steel case with a contemporary thickness of 41.5mm, and the in-house AL-710 automatic calibre.

For those with a love of contemporary features and functionality married to true heritage design, this is a signature new timepiece.