10 Instagrams Every Watch Lover Must Follow

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Social media accounts about the ultimate male accessory have exploded in recent years – here are a few of our favourites.


Join the 1.7 million people who already follow this feed of the latest cutting-edge timepieces, with snaps of supercars, menswear, and other luxury lifestyle items sprinkled in, too.



London’s premiere watch retailer, selling some of the rarest timepieces on earth (after they’ve uploaded a pic to Insta, of course).



An early pioneer of the ‘watch shot’ Instagram movement, the Texas-based Instagrammer with a sense of humour now has nearly 90,000 followers admiring the luxurious pieces he snaps on his wrist.



“Adventure, travel, timepieces, often all at once.” Exotic locations provide the perfect backdrop for his impressive horological collection.



For fans of both whisky and watches — liquid gold as well as the real stuff.



Features a jaw-dropping collection of vintage watches from the 1960s and ‘70s.



Their Insta bio contains two words: “Old. Fashioned.” Another one for fans of classic timepieces.



The self-dubbed “world’s most popular watch blog”, covering everything from affordable everyday pieces to reviews of the latest six-figure releases. maxresdefault


The resident photographer of RedBar Group, a network of New York watch aficionados that describe themselves as the world’s largest watch collecting group.



And hey, once you follow Atom, follow his crew to go inside their exclusive weekly meet-ups.