Would You Wear a One-Piece Swimsuit?

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Unitard swimwear for him is here… but are you brave enough to get into one?

And no, not a Speedo or a pair of boardshorts — we’re talking about a full-on figure-hugging body suit that one bold American brand has just released. Just picture all your masculine bumps and bulges being contained by a bright white ladies’ one-piece — gentlemen, introducing the Finwick.

San Diego company Rufskin says their similar line of underwear — which possesses the “advantage of staying in place under one’s pants or shorts . . . ideal for support during any work-out or just looking sharp at any time” — has been flying off the shelves, so they decided to created a swimwear version. The design echoes the ‘maillot’ or tank swimsuit styles of the early 20th Century, when both men and women commonly wore one-pieces.

The Finwick certainly leaves less to the imagination that its century-old predecessors thanks to a cutting-edge material called ‘Touch’: “a new, highly constructed nylon-microfibre blend featuring superior stretch and ultra soft hand . . . allowing maximum performance with high durability and shape retention.” And you’d sure hope it retains its shape, because because the muscle-bound model in these photos is placing the fabric under some serious strain . . .


The shameless swimsuit also features a double-layered “luxurious underwear capsule” — perfect for when the water’s a little cold — as well as an elastic band around the torso embroidered with the company’s logo.

Rufskin boasts that “words don’t do this collection justice. You won’t believe until you touch!” That privilege will set you back US$72 (AUD$96) if you’re feeling brave enough to squeeze into a one-piece next summer.