How to Choose The Right Underwear For Your Body Type

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Ensure maximum comfort down there by making sure you’re wearing shape-appropriate undies.


Not those daggy tighty-whities you used to wear in fourth grade — we’re talking about the low-rise designer versions David Beckham filled for Emporio Armani back in the day, a more contemporary cut sitting just on the hips below the waistline. Briefs suit thick thighs that can’t be contained by underwear styles with fabric that rides up the thigh, and this style does a great job of keeping everything in place during exercise, helping you avoid any Matt Shirvington issues. Stick to cotton, a breathable material that wicks sweat away from the skin.


A relaxed fit for larger blokes who like a little more room to move, so long as they can put up with no support for their package. Those billowing old silk boxers your grandma used to give you for Christmas are a thing of the past — the modern cut is a little snugger and doesn’t bunch up beneath slim trousers or suit pants, although boxer briefs are more conducive to a sleek silhouette. Cotton boxers are also a great bedtime option because they give your wheels a chance to breath overnight.

Boxer briefs

This long-legged hybrid of the boxer and the brief has become the style of choice for most modern men, because the closer fit slides nicely under slim-cut trousers. The extra fabric between the thighs guards against chafing and the pouch at the front offers some support, so they’re great for a workout, and the extra length on the leg means they don’t ride up on big thighs, ample posteriors, or tall men, providing ample coverage if you’ve got a bit to cover.


Just boxer briefs with a shorter leg, with much less fabric around the thigh — making them an on-trend choice to wear with skinny trousers, cutting out any excess fabric that could bunch up. The lower waistline and higher leg means they flatter a good rig, flashing your abs and thighs, whereas men carrying a couple of extra kegs should be wary of a waistband that digs into the hips and pinches a muffin top.


A favourite of guys who don’t mind a little dankness on the seat of their trousers. Not so popular with those who don’t.