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I believe most things can be said in a few lines,” Enzo Ferrari once famously declared. One look at the simple sexy lines of the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso is to see the truth in his words: this automotive artwork has a silhouette to make a grown man swoon.

But a few more lines from us are needed for you to fully appreciate what this release represents. In addition to its stylish evolution of the sporting brake coupe, this four-seater offers owners a revolution in handling because, for the first time ever, it integrates rear-wheel steering with four-wheel drive. Slip behind the wheel and you and three lucky passengers can head off anywhere, with this Lusso lassooing city streets with the same ease as it does snowy mountain roads.

Powering it all is the GTC4’s 12-cylinder engine, a purring powerhouse that punches out a massive 690CV at 8,000 rpm, offering maximum torque of 697Nm at 5,750 rpm, though 80 per cent of that’s at your disposal at just 1,750 rpm for wicked responsiveness even at low revs.

Of course, comfort goes hand-in-hand with all that style and power. The cabin extends Ferrari’s usual five-star standards with several innovations, including dual cockpit architecture enhancing the front-seat passenger experience and generous wrap-around seats to guarantee all four occupants ride in luxurious ambience.
With the GTC4Lusso unveiled at Geneva’s International Motor Show in March, our lust can actually be expressed not in a line but a word: gimme.

This automotive artwork has a silhouette to make a grown man swoon.