The Levante, Maserati’s First SUV

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The high-end Italian car-maker enters the SUV category with the impressive looking Levante.

Maserati’s first entrant in the SUV space was introduced to an Australian audience this week by the famous marque’s local CEO, Glen Sealey.

Sealey announced pricing and specification for the all-new SUV with three versions to be introduced in Australia – the Levante Turbo Diesel, the Levante Sport and the Levante Luxury – all powered by a 202 kW Turbo Diesel Engine.


Interior of the Levante Luxury

“Maserati has not designed an SUV,” said Sealey, “first and foremost Maserati has designed a new Maserati. A new model that delivers, like all its predecessors, superlative style, performance, handling and road holding combined with unique levels of personalization to produce a true Maserati. At the same time it adds the space and flexibility of an SUV with real off road ability without compromising any of those essential Maserati attributes.”


The Turbo Diesel is the entry level model at a recommended retail price of $139,990 plus statutory costs, delivery and dealer costs. The Levante Sport and the Levante Luxury are priced at $159,990 plus statutory costs, delivery and dealer costs.

The Levante is based on the evolution of the Ghibli and Quattroporte platform, designed exclusively by Maserati. Italian style is – in the Maserati way – central to the design language of the new model, with spaciousness and coupé lines combined while still achieving the best aerodynamic efficiency in its segment.

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