Ultimate driving tour

The Ultimate Driving Tour

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Ultimate driving tour

Driving beautiful machines on the great roads of the world with friends is no longer just a dream.

If you’re sick with envy every time you watch Jeremy Clarkson, James May and the little one who looks like Dudley Moore driving flash cars on incredible roads in Europe, Ultimate Driving Tours might just be your saviour.

Since 2008 those with a penchant for driving high-performance ‘supercars’ on some of Europe’s most scenic and challenging drives have been able to do so through the company. The tours are the brainchild of Anthony Moss, who was formerly involved with Australia’s Dutton Rally (now known as the Australian Tarmac Challenge), an event originally created for performance car owners to test their machines on regional race tracks, airport strips and even driver training centres. When rally participants started telling Moss they wished they could do the same on some of the world’s great drives, he saw a potential gap in the market.

“In Australia it’s very hard to drive your performance car on our roads because if you go a kilometre over the speed limit, you can pretty much lose your licence,” says Moss. “The idea spawned from there. Plus I’d always wanted to drive the Nurburgring circuit in Germany and I thought, ‘Why not take my clients over there and we’ll do it together?'”

Hiring late-model Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches from a supplier in London, Moss put together the first European tour in 2008, with 16 participants driving eight cars on an impossibly picturesque circuit through France, the Swiss Alps and up into Germany.

The driving tourists stay in high- standard accommodation and while there are cultural pursuits such as wine tastings on offer, the tours are really all about the driving experience.