Ferrari Reveals Its New Entry-level Model

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One of Italy’s most beautiful towns has lent its name to one of the country’s most beautiful new sports cars.

Ferrari’s new entry-level model — yep, if you consider a lazy 200-grand-plus ‘entry level’ — has been revealed ahead of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany next month — an open-top redesign of the maligned California T called the Portofino.

Sure, the Cali was Ferrari’s best-selling car in the seven-decade history of the Prancing Horse . . . but the Portofino just feels more like a Ferrari. The brand spanking new GT V8 boasts plenty more power and a sporty coupe silhouette that’s much more befitting of the iconic badge.

Described by the Italian manufacturer as the “perfect combination of sportiness, elegance and on board comfort”, the versatile 2+2 hard-top cabriolet combines a roomy interior with some serious power under the hood.

The Portofino is powered by a twin turbo V8 engine producing 591bhp and 759 Nm of torque. The massive maximum power output of 600 cv can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.5 seconds, reaching top speeds of 320km/h.

All that extra grunt doesn’t come with extra weight — Ferrari’s redesign of the chassis means the Portofino is significantly lighter than the Cali T, plus the addition of new components and cutting edge software to the renowned Ferrari V8 turbo engine means the new model is capable of punching out an extra 40 cv.

The Portofino features a more rigid robust chassis, upgraded magnetic dampers, and improved handling thanks to third generation electronic rear differential, as well as a more efficient engine and revolutionary exhaust system to boost acceleration and lower fuel consumption compared to its predecessor.

Why Portofino? The name comes from one of Italy’s most sparkling resort towns — an exclusive holiday hotspot where the postcard-perfect harbour glitters with yachts dancing on the Mediterranean. It’s a name synonymous with luxury — so glam, in fact, that Ferrari have even named the racy shade of red ‘Rosso Portofino’ after it.