Bell & Ross Concept Car & Timepiece

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Aero-GT V8

Design is paramount for bell & Ross, whether creating a concept car or a new timepiece.

Creativity and sophistication of design have always been central to the work of French luxury watchmaker Bell & Ross, embodied most prominently in the distinctive square cases of its signature timepieces. And so it’s of little surprise that the brand would go to the not-inconsiderable trouble of designing an avant-garde concept car to inspire and complement its design of two new timepieces.
Pictured above is Bell & Ross’s concept for an Aero-GT V8 performance car. Inspired by the aeronautical design of the modern-day jet, the concept car features rear-view mirrors evoking the “canards” (small wings situated to the front of the fuselage) that improve agility, wheel flanges resembling compressor fins, a tailfin acting as a vertical stabiliser, sides like a jet’s air intakes, an exhaust pipe evoking its turbofans, and a drop-of-water shaped glass cover over the driver to resemble a fighter-jet canopy.
The innovative, high-performance credentials and sophisticated finishes of the car inform the equally striking timepiece – a skeletonised three-counter chronograph inside a steel, satin-polished 42mm case. The chronograph functions are highlighted with red details, the sapphire caseback with grey tinted glass showcases the movement like viewing a car engine under glass, and  the skeletonised metallic hands are filled with Super-LumiNova for both readability and design consistency. The perforated black and red leather strap perfectly references the leather interior of a high-end sports car.

Bell & Ross BR03-94 Aero GT

All in all the timepiece’s effect is of a multi-layered, multi-component and high-end performance instrument, just like the car concept that has inspired it. Thankfully, the timepiece is more than a concept, though it is a limited edition of 500 pieces. For those who already count themselves as fans of Bell & Ross’s avant-garde design approach, this one will be top of the wishlist.