Your Date Night Checklist

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What you need to get right before you take someone out on the town.


Rock up with uncombed hair and unkempt facial hair and she’ll ask herself, ‘If he can’t take care of himself, how’s he going to take care of me?’ Show her a bit of effort by running a comb through your hair and using some product — but don’t go overboard with the gel unless you want a There’s Something About Mary situation when she touches your hair.



Get the pheromones flowing with a subtle spray of your favourite scent — research shows women find fragrances with woody base notes sexier than light, citrusy colognes. And you don’t need a scientist to tell you that bathing in Lynx deodorant isn’t a turn on, unless you’re going for that teenage boy vibe.


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When you’re whispering sweet nothings over a candle-lit dinner table or leaning for a kiss later in the evening, you don’t want your breath to smell like last night’s dinner — so floss, gargle and brush your teeth thoroughly before your date. And carry mints or gum for a late-night freshen up if things go well.



Nothing says ‘I’m just not that into you’ like a crumpled shirt and un-ironed trousers, so put some time into planning your outfit. Dressing to impress doesn’t only show her respect, it also puts you in a confident frame of mind, too. But don’t over-adjust — a suit and tie looks like you’re trying way too hard.



Just like your clothing, put some effort into your footwear. Leave the dress shoes at home with your suit and tie and go for something stylish yet laid-back — a smart pair of boots, for example, are a good blend of formal and casual, plus they make you stand up straight and add a couple of inches to your height.