Would You Ever Get Botox?

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Plenty of women undergo botox treatment to combat the effects of aging, but more and more men also swear by it…

Once upon a time — back when Tinder was still something you lit a fire with and Twitter was the sound a bird made — the only cosmetic creams your bathroom cabinet contained would’ve belonged to your wife. Fast forward to 2017 — an era of equal opportunity anti-ageing — chances are the man of the house now contributes a few grooming products to the collection. The stigma around men trying to rejuvenate their appearance is melting away . . . but is botox a bridge too far?

Studies out of the US report that the procedure has grown in popularity by 250-350 per cent over the last decade or so. A survey by the Cosmetic Physicians Society in Australasia found that more than three quarters of blokes now consider non-surgical cosmetic procedures acceptable. Earlier this year, Elle magazine uncovered the world of “man caves” offering plastic surgery in the States — wood-panelled, leather-lined venues with taxidermy on the walls, sports on the big screens, and treatment rooms nicknamed the Bear’s Lair, the Lion’s Den, and the Doghouse. Male cosmetic procedures are becoming mainstream, and “brotox” is at the head of the pack.


No longer reserved for ageing Hollywood stars clinging on to their last lingering shred of youth, botox is a synthetic neurotoxin that smoothes out wrinkles by temporarily paralysing facial muscles. Men typically stick to the top half of the face — frown lines in the forehead or crow’s feet at the corners of the eye. A single unit of botox costs $10-15, and you’d need 10-20 units to treat the forehead or the eyes, so it’s a $100-300 procedure — or as much as $600 to tighten up the whole face. The treatment lasts three to four months, and regular jabs keeps your skin firmer for longer.

Botox is particularly popular with men in competitive, white-collar jobs — business, law, media; the sorts of careers where appearances matter. The key is to keep away from the lips — there’s nothing manly about a fish pout — and the jawline, which many women tighten up but can detract from a man’s square, masculine jawline. Oh, and avoid that Mr Spock raised eyebrow look — think Shane Warne in the Liz Hurley era, getting around like a permanently surprised Thunderbirds puppet.

As for scrotox? Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like . . . and a much more eye-watering procedure.

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