Words of Wisdom

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The Wisdom runs on the last page of Men’s Style every issue, interviewing a range of men with considerable life experience about their loves, laughs, disasters and triumphs. Here’s a selection of quotes from our back catalogue of man wisdom…

Chris Isaak, musician


You’d never catch me wearing… open-toed wedgies and a backless gown. I didn’t say I wouldn’t wear them, just that you wouldn’t catch me.


Todd Sampson, ad guru


Failure is… an excellent teacher. It’s the other side of the success coin. I have failed at more things than I’ve succeeded at but for some reason I can only remember the success that the failures eventually led to.


Matt Preston, Masterchef host


If I had to eat one food every day it’d be… a strange cross between a pig, prawns, really ripe tomatoes, cucumber, feta, a lemon and spaghetti.


Rodger Corser, actor


As a kid my heroes were… any fast bowler with a huge moustache, like Dennis Lillee, and 1960s guitar heroes, like Clapton and Hendrix. Not that I could ever play or bowl like them.


Waleed Aly, The Project host and current Men’s Style cover star


A book I’d recommend to everyone is… the dictionary. Honestly, it’s amazing what you’ll find in there. There’s a surprise on every page.