Why You Should Be Wearing Compression Garments After Your Workout

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Kevin Toonen (above) — ex-soldier, Special Forces strength and conditioning coach, and Strength Elite founder — has plenty of reasons for wearing compression garments.

They improve performance, they boost blood flow in recovery, the reduce muscle soreness. And there’s only one downside . . .

“I advise you to wear these after training and while you sleep — it will kill the sex life every now and again, but it’s better for recovery,” says Toonen, who rocks BodyScience V7 compression tights.

“I like to wear compression for a number of reasons. For starters, it may improve blood flow to the muscles and also, if fitted correctly, can hold muscles firmly in place where they boost athletic performance. I find for me personally, they may also help to reduce muscle soreness.

“I wear the BodyScience range as it’s made specifically with athletes in mind and it undergoes a lot of testing.”

BodyScience have released their latest V7 tights just in time for winter (below), manufactured with cutting-edge Invista Power Lycra, Unifi Sorbtek, and Schoeller Textiles Cold Black technology.


The compression garments feature a re-engineered design to reduce warp and enhance durability, reliable flat-lock stitching, the highest grade lycra for comfort and flexibility, and new material that masks sweat marks.

But compression tights really come into their own during the recovery process, according to a recent study by Massey University in Auckland.

“Research found that there was a reduction in delayed-onset muscle soreness 24 hours after exercise when wearing graduated compression stockings after a fast-paced 10K road run,” Toonen explains.

“Interestingly, this study found that soreness was reduced specifically in the compressed muscle region. Ninety-three per cent of subjects who ran without compression socks experienced lower leg soreness a day after the run, but only 14 per cent of the subjects who ran with the socks had similar soreness.”

Sounds good . . . even if it’s not great for the sex life.

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