What Does A Super-Fit Personal Trainer Eat In A Day?

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A day on a plate for calisthenics Adonis Ryan Evers.

Ryan Evers has the type of body that looks like it’s been carved out of granite by Michelangelo; a rock-hard rig sculpted by years of gravity-defying functional bodyweight training by the Gold Coast personal trainer and founder of Forever Fitness. So what fuels a man who doesn’t seem to have a shred of fat on his body?


“I get up at 4am everyday,” begins Evers, who has loaded up all his PT gear in his van the night before to prepare for his crack-of-dawn classes. “A shot of coffee and a banana and I’m out the door.”


 “My first clients are at 5am, group boot camp at 6am, then back-to-back clients until 11am or 12pm,” Ryan says. “So I always snack in between clients — BSC protein bars and fruit.”


Evers then has a break between noon and 3pm — “this is ‘me’ time,” he explains — and because he’s so flat out, he orders pre-packed lunches from local Gold Coast outfit Performance Eating Meals.

“An example of one of the meals that I would eat is Moroccan chicken, quinoa and bean salad,” he says. “I pick these up every Monday and they last me a whole week, and I eat a lot! I’ll down at least one or two of these, then I’ll go train myself, either bodyweight stuff at the gym or I’ll train calisthenics with a mate and just have fun. Then I’ll always have a BSC thermogenetic before a work-out, BCAAs during a workout, followed by a BSC protein shake after my workout  — it’s the best fuel!”


Evers is back at the park with clients until 7pm, so he doesn’t have much energy around tea time. “Dinner is usually along the lines of grilled salmon, brown rice, and a big salad,” he says. “Dinner with the girlfriend and just chill out — I’m in bed before 9pm, I’m a bit of a grandpa!”

Is there any room for indulgence maintaining a rig like Ryan’s? “The occasional glass of pinot noir,” he concludes.

Check out some of Ryan’s cali moves on Instagram or visit the Forever Fitness website for more info about his personal training.