Tunes for the weekend

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Men’s Style‘s music guy Rod Yates reviews some recent music releases.


Bloc Party’s fifth album, and first with a new bassist and drummer, finds the Brits at something of a crossroads. Urgency has always been part of the band’s appeal, but Hymns struggles to get out of first gear, erring instead to more downbeat ruminations on love and loss. At points it works beautifully (“So Real”, “My True Name”), but over the course of an album feels increasingly flat.



After a stellar run of three well-received EPs and an ARIA-winning debut album, this Sydney quartet stumbled on 2014’sThe Brink, a record that tried too hard to be all things to all people. This follow-up sees them craft an album that’s insular, icy and, at times, quite dark, albeit with the band’s trademark sweeping melodies. It’s not an easy album to crack, but it is worth persistence.


DMA’s – Hill’s End

The buzz around this Newtown trio is that they’re the “new” Oasis. Certainly DMA’s don’t go to too much trouble to disguise the Gallaghers’ influence on their debut album – witness the vocal sneer of frontman Tommy O’Dell – but theirs is a more acoustic, ramshackle sound, raw around the edges but filled with the kind of bittersweet melodies that echo for days.