Vago Travel Vacuum

More Luggage Space With A Travel Vacuum

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Vago Travel Vacuum
This Sucks — In The Best Way

Vago is sheer genius.

It’s a tiny portable travel vacuum compressor that condenses all the clothes in your suitcase to half their size, leaving a helluva lot of room for other luggage.

Using the Vago is simple—you put your clothes into the supplied bag, attach the device, plug it in and watch it suck out the air and increase your suitcase space.

The Vago itself doesn’t take up much space — weighing just 85 grams and measuring 7 centimetres — and it can be charged with your smartphone’s micro USB cable.

Its inventors, Creation Cell, also say bagging dirty clothes will prevent their smells from permeating the rest of your gear.

When Creation Cell put Vago up Kickstarter they were seeking $US30,000.

They look set to hit $US400,000 when the project closes in four days.

Vago units ship worldwide from August 2016.

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Vago Travel Vacuum