Trainspotting Sequel – First Look!

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The Scottish bad boys return in this long-awaited sequel

Trainspotting burst into cinemas 20 years ago this year, a fiery and funny look at the drug subculture that bristled with violent black humour, boasted a stellar cast of newcomers and featured a cracking soundtrack featuring the likes of Iggy Pop, New Order and Blur.

In the two decades since, author Irvine Welsh, director Danny Boyle and stars Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremmer and Robert Carlyle have been trying to get a sequel happening.

But it’s been a stop-start process and fans often gave up hope of ever seeing their anti-heroes return to Edinburgh shenanigans.

Then, almost a year ago, Danny Boyle said Trainspotting 2 really, really was happening.

A few months ago they said it had started filming.

We crossed our fingers.

Now… T2 is officially a thing, with the release today of this teaser-trailer.

It doesn’t tell you much – except the bad boys are back and you need to see them when they hit screens next year.