Top Tips to Sweat Less

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Nobody wants to be that guy in the office who smells like a week-old laundry basket, so cut down the perspiration with this routine.

Shower right

When you jump in the shower after your morning workout, set the water temperature just below your body temperature. Boiling hot water obviously isn’t going to cool you down (nor is then getting ready in a sauna when you’re done), but an icy cold shower doesn’t do you any favours, either — it cools you down for a moment until you start sweating bullets afterwards. Stick to a medium-cool temp.


Use antiperspirant

No amount of cheap Lynx Africa is going to mask the smell of BO — it’s a quality antiperspirant you need to stop the sweating, and not just a quick spray after your morning shower. Antiperspirant best clogs the sweat ducts in the evening when you’re not dripping as much, so give yourself a spritz before you go to bed to give the aluminium salts time to sink in.

Drink less coffee

Your morning cuppa makes you sweat in two ways: one, it’s often so hot it heats up your body; two, caffeine fires up your nervous system and activates your sweat glands (it basically makes your pits as alert as your mind). Plus, if you’re concerned about your general odour, goodbye coffee breath.


And eat less spicy food

Same deal with that dollop of tabasco you drown your breakfast scrambled eggs with — the heat of spicy food sends a message to your brain that you’re overheating. The result? Sweat, trying to cool you down. The offending chemical is ‘capsaicin’, which tells your brain you’re experiencing a burn and activates the pain receptors that trigger sweat.


Bless your cotton socks

Anyone who’s caught a whiff of boat shoes after they’ve spent a sweltering day accompanied by sock-less feet knows that they smell like an onion, turnip, and vinegar salad — but cotton socks that wick the sweat away from the skin combats the pong. Light cotton threads and cool, breathable clothes also help combat body sweat — polyester, on the other hand, is fertile soil for BO.