Tom Hiddleston – What’s The Big Deal?

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The actor’s all over the news, but who is and where did he come from?

1. He Started In Brit TV

Hiddleston is only 35 but he’s been working hard in British TV for the past 15 years. He had a small part in prestige drama Nicholas Nickleby in 2001 before taking major roles in the BBC adaptation of William Boyd’s Armadillo and playing Winston Churchill’s son in the excellent pre-WWII telemovie The Gathering Storm. By 2012 he had enough clout to take the lead in acclaimed adaptations of Shakespeare’s Henry VI and V. But it was his recent turn as the reluctant spy and smooth-dresser in The Night Manager that put him in the running for the role of Bond, James Bond.

2. Thor Made Him Huge

While Thor starred our Chris Hemsworth as the muscular space god, the movies were comprehensively stolen out from under him by Tom Hiddleston, who played our hero’s villainous bro Loki with a tongue-in-cheek hammy aplomb that brought welcome humour. A firm fan favourite, he subsequently appeared in The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World. He’s back, too, in Thor Ragnarok, presently filming on the Gold Coast, and set for release next year.


3. He Does More Than Marvel

Hiddleston’s great as Loki but to appreciate his range you should check him out playing F. Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, as a vampire in the faboulously arty Only Lovers Left Alive and as a tragic creep in the gothic-romantic horror Crimson Peak. He really showed his dramatic and musical talents off by playing Hank Williams, country music legend, in I Saw The Light, which releases locally on DVD and iTunes on August 25. Just before that, from August 18, we’re amped to see him in the crazy-looking High-Rise, which adapts J.G. Ballard’s novel about a nightmare society living inside a skyscraper. Next year he’ll take the lead in mega-monster flick Kong: Skull Island. Too much Tom is never enough, it seems.

4. Hiddleswift!

Until recently we knew little about Tom’s private life. But since he was spotted dancing with Taylor Swift at a New York society ball in May, the rumour mill has been going cray-cray for any news about Tay-Tay and her new man. The past month has seen the two usually intensely private stars doing a global public-display-of-affection tour, with them smooching in Italy, the US and now Australia. Many reckoned it was a publicity stunt or that Tom was helping the singer film a music video. But late last week, in an interview about his Emmy nomination, Tom confirmed that he and T-Swift are the real deal. True or not? Regardless, it gave us this great comedy from Stephen Colbert!