The World’s Best Dressed Politicians

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As Australia slogs through one of the longest election campaigns in history, with politicians on our television 24/7, we shine the light on the pollies around the world who get it right when it comes to their workwear.

David Cameron

The UK’s Tory Prime Minister is not exactly adventurous – a royal(ish) blue satin tie and dark blue suit are his preferred daily uniform – but the fit and finish are always impeccable and for that he deserves a polite “hear hear”.



Justin Trudeau

The new wonderboy of Canadian politics, elected PM in 2015 and becoming the first son to hold the same post as his father, Pierre, Justin not only rocks fantastic hair and an impressive physique, his suit-tie-shirt game is always sharp and spot-on.



Enrique Pena Nieto

The 57th President of Mexico began his six-year term in 2012, meaning he may yet have to talk to President Donald Trump about the latter’s “wall”. Meanwhile, he regularly features in any best-dressed politician list.



Chris Bowen

The Shadow Treasurer has a natty way with a tie and unlike many of his contemporaries, is not afraid to vary it up from day to day – he can do patterned (see below), he can do bold burnt orange, red, blue, pastel. Only Greens leader Richard Di Natale comes close to him in the style stakes at the moment.


Imran Khan

The former cricket star turned Pakistani politician is often seen in traditional dress, in which he also looks dapper, but he is also always very smart in more “western” attire. Example below…


Dmitry Medvedev

The Russian Prime Minister, and former President, may be diminutive (1.62m) but he wields a lot of power and he dresses that way, too, in immacualtely cut suits and big bold “dont-mess-with-me” tie choices.


Jan Arne Björklund

The Swedish Deputy Prime Minister is regularly recognised as one of the Swedish political scene’s snappiest dressers. He has been a Member of the Riksdag since 2006, representing Stockholm County.