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Academic, op-ed columnist and co-host of The Project on Network Ten – Mr Aly is hard to ignore.

A wise gent knows… that all things pass.

But a stupid man will… sacrifice everything for the moment.

What really makes me laugh is… eccentric British comedy.

But the unfunniest thing… is that wise-cracking kid in almost every-American sitcom.

When I was a kid… I thought Batman was awesome.

Now I am grown up I realise… Batman is awesome.

If I could tweet my teen self a 140-character message would be… get off Twitter. This social media thing will never catch on.

My heroes have always… made me think.

My generation’s biggest lost treasure… is surely the key-tar.

It would’ve been great to live in… the early ’70s. Music has never been better than that.

My spirit animal would have said to me… “let’s just he friends.”

The last dream I remember was… seriously weird. I was working in a really dated office with Gerard Whately and my wife, and Gerard was outraged at something she had done, but I could never figure out what it was.

Success is… never in the judgment of others.

Failure can… give you brilliant dinner party stories.

When in doubt I… take the plunge.

At the end of a hard day… I head straight for my pyjamas.

TV is… smoke, mirrors and make up.

When I see myself on screen I... change the channel because I know how this show ends.

The sweetest sound has to be… a baby laughing uncontrollably.

A book I’d recommend to everyone is… the dictionary. Honestly, it’s amazing what you’ll find in there. There’s a surprise on every page.

If a song had to play whenever I arrived somewhere I’d want it to be… ‘Eye of the Tiger”. Seriously, is the even a choice?

If I was in power for a day I’d… resign and take the pension.

Australia really should… celebrate failure and ambition far mow than it does.

The best place to be is… in the crowd at a heaving, overflowing MCG.

At parties I’m… unassuming.

The morning after it’s a case of… brunch!

Love is… when you can communicate in silence.

Twenty years from now… stuff better be hovering. We’re way behind on this.

Looking at the stars… I see perfection.

Top of my bucket list is… a Richmond premiership.

My epitaph will… contain no grammatical errors.