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Todd Sampson

The Gruen Planet regular and ad man creates a sizzle reel of his collected experiences.

A wise man knows… that there is a thick line between a “wise” man and a “wise” ass… and answering this question crosses that.

But you confirm stupidity… by using the phrase “I don’t suffer fools”. Surely that’s a law of physics where “like” repels “like”.

What really makes me laugh… is Louis C.K. explaining the miracle of flight. Enjoy…

The unfunniest thing… is bullying. Especially those who like to find an uncomfortable truth about someone and then use hyperbole and comedy to mask meanness.

When I was a kid… all I wanted to do was get out and get lost in the world. Which is understandable, considering I lived on an island on the north-east coast of Canada. I spent most of my childhood in trees.

Now I’m grown up… I realise that, after all of that journeying, I’m the person that I was. It seems like a long way to go to get back to the beginning.

My heroes are always… people who’ve made an impact against the odds – Nelson Mandela, Charles Darwin and Edmund Hillary. I also love the fact that Albert Einstein was a patent worker, not a scientist, when he came up with the Special Theory of Relativity. He couldn’t even get a job as a high school teacher.

If I could tweet my teen self, the message would be… learn to meditate and study ju-jitsu (and, oh yeah, learn to swim).

Success is… being content with what you have. Success is not what you have. It’s also only a fleeting moment in time rather than a permanent destination. It’s like chasing a ghost that keeps giving you the finger.

Failure is… an excellent teacher. It’s the other side of the success coin. I have failed at more things than I’ve succeeded at but for some reason I can only remember the successes that the failures eventually led to.

When in doubt… take 10 deep breaths before you act.

At the end of a hard day…make it the “end” of the hard day – not the beginning of a longer period of rumination

I’m inspired by… the questions left unanswered. I love that fact that we can’t quite explain the beginning of time and that our brain limits our current understanding of the brain.

When an ad break begins… I use it as a moment to educate my girls on the power of persuasion. I can also faintly hear cash registers ringing.

A book I recommend to everyone is… Cosmos by the beautiful mind of Carl Sagan.

People often underrate… the importance of drinking water. It’s at the heart of what it is to be human.

The best place to be is… the middle of the Serengeti Plain during the migration. Your mind is lost in the vastness of space while your brain is computing the large number of wild animals racing by you at incredible speeds

If I was in power for a day I’d… legalise gay marriage. I assume this would take less than a day so I would spend the rest of the time making the education system more creative and egalitarian.

Kids are… a great mirror. It’s like free therapy – hugging a bundle of your issues combined with the unpredictability of the 23 chromosomes inherited from your wife. Confusing little buggers, aren’t they?

Top of my bucket list… take my girls on an extreme African adventure

My epitaph will read… Died Living.