The Wisdom: Star Australian Chef Matt Moran

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The Australian food scene’s Mr Everywhere takes off the apron for a moment of reflection…

A wise man knows… he doesn’t know everything.
A foolish man… thinks himself to be wise but the wise man knows him to be a fool.
What makes me laugh… my chef mates. We have the best banter.
What I don’t find funny is… mean-spirited and negative people.
When I was a boy I thought I’d… be a fireman.
If I could tweet my teen self… “you have the right to remain silent.” Just kidding, though I was a pretty wild child at one point and wasn’t shy of holding back. More likely “if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. Keep at it and it’ll work out in the end.”
My heroes were always… back then, poorly chosen!
The last time I cried was… I had a tear in my eye the other day when a great mate of mine who lives overseas texted to say how much he loves and misses me.
I really hate… waiting. It’s fair to say that patience isn’t one of my virtues.

My best quality has to be… I don’t give up easily.
Success is… many things. We all define it differently so it’s whatever you want it to be.
I regard failures as… just a learning curve. It’s less about the failure and more about how you get back up again.
When in doubt I… fight like hell.
At the end of a hard day I… have a massage, or a swim, or play with my kids.
At a party I’ll be… the last one to leave.
The morning after you’ll find me… cooking a big recovery breakfast.
If a song could play whenever I arrived somewhere it would be… “The Imperial March”? Just joking.
Love is… love. It’s whatever you want it to be.
Items left on my bucket list include… climbing a mountain. I’m still tossing up which one.
My epitaph will read… “I waz here.”

Matt Moran is appearing at the Good Food and Wine Show around Australia – Perth (July 14-16) and Brisbane (Oct 27-29); see for more details.