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The Wisdom… Rhys Muldoon

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Rhys Muldoon

Actor and sometime commentator Rhys Muldoon reflects on a life “filled with adventure”.

A good man always knows… that he has much to learn.

The one thing that’s really troubling… is the “small Australia” thinking that has politicised the asylum seeker debate.

In the kitchen… what’s a kitchen? Is that the room with a fridge in it?

When I was growing up… I’m still trying to.

My success… is more interesting than failure.

I never thought I’d say it but… I find out in the occasional interview that I did. Even when I didn’t.

I wish that… I had kept a diary. My life has been filled with adventure.

I’m inspired when… someone believes in me.

If you want me to shout then… ask.

At parties you’ll find me… in that room that has a fridge in it.

Violence is… great in movies. Ugly and stupid in real life.

A big drawback… is what happens just before a wave of fun.

Being Australian… is a privilege. I keep thinking I can’t love this place more but it keeps happening. It’s all in the attitude.

After a hard day… I like a beer, a chat and a sleep.

I can never have… too many photos of my daughter.

Looking at the night sky is… humbling and uplifting. I sometimes think of the moon
as a shotgun barrel that light pours out of.

When I was 18… I thought the world was going to end.

But when I was 40… I wasn’t so sure.

A law I’d reform is… asylum seeker policy. And mandatory bike helmets. I think it should be a choice. There’s probably a bunch of others but those two spring to mind first.

Something people get wrong… is thinking that sport, art, business and politics can’t be happy bedfellows.

What infuriates me is… not much. Being misunderstood can.

In another life… I’d be someone else. So why bother wanting it?

Kids… are kids. Let them be.

Women… can’t be summed up any more than you could the ocean. I love women. Deeply and truly.¬

My epitaph… Not yet, please.