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Matt Preston

MasterChef‘s chief palate takes up our very own mystery box challenge.

A wise man knows… when to shut up. Sadly I’m more a wise guy than and wise man.

You’ll always find me with… an idea – even if only an idea for what we’ll have or where we’ll go for the next meal

Ridiculously, when I was a kid… I believed that you could still have as much fun when you are an adult – and ridiculously it seems to be true.

Amazingly, now I’m an adult… Yes, so it seems

Any success I’ve had… is thanks to three things: luck; dumb-assed stupidity; the support of the woman I love.

I never thought I’d say it but… gardening can be really quite therapeutic

My most prized possession is… other than my health, my family and a good cup of tea, a handwritten family recipe book penned in 1765. It’s amazing to cook something that you know your direct ancestors ate.

The spice of life has to be… variety — or cardamom

If I had to eat one food every day it’d… be a strange cross between a pig, prawns, really ripe tomatoes, cucumber, feta, a lemon and spaghetti.

What I never want on my plate again is… whale

After a hard day… I wonder what it is going on because my days are usually so stupidly easy.

At parties I’m usually… drinking, dancing and generally a little over-excited

On Saturday morning… I watch my kids play sport

A piece of music that can change your life is… something that I hear at least once a month.

Before food… music was my first love and it will be my last. I suspect I’ve seen many more great gigs than I’ve eaten great dinners. The Clash, The Ramones, the U2 Boy tour, Wham – the final, Band Aid, Roy Orbison, Nina Simone, The Smiths, Lloyd Cole, Sleepy LaBeef, Keef, Tex Perkins, Blur, Primal Scream, Paul Kelly, Pulp at Glastonbury, Johnny Cash, Reba, Stone Roses, Madonna, Eric Bibb at Port Fairy, The Prodigy, and the Lemonheads at the Palais in Melbourne, Artic Monkeys in Central Park, and more recently LMFAO, Kylie, The Strokes, Mumford & Sons, Flume, Of Monster & Men, Julia Stone, ALT-J.

The funniest thing that… people say is that I’m self-absorbed. As if!

The place I most want to revisit is… Istanbul – for the people, for the mood, for the food.

I never want to find myself… in bed dreading to get up because I am bored by what I have to do today.

Something people always get wrong is… suspecting that just because I dress flamboyantly I must be gay. It doesn’t bother me they suspect that; it’s wrong that they think that anyone being gay is something they should comment on.

I get infuriated by… bigots and people greedy to make money at the expense of others’ quality of life. Greed is only for the dinner table – and even then it must be underpinned by a wee bit of responsibility if you don’t mind.

If I had my time over I’d… turn the opportunity down. Luck, happenstance and the tiniest coincidences have put me in a position where I love what I do and my life is very, very good. I suspect that if I had my time over I might make better informed decisions, be nicer to people and be ridiculous wealthy after staking $10,000 on Green Moon, Fiorente, Jakkalberry and Kelinni being the first four horses in the 2012 Melbourne Cup but still not find myself in a such a good place.

Children are… the future – Whitney told us so.

Women can be relied on… to be smarter, funnier and bolder than most men. That’s why they are so much fun to hang out with.

Twenty years from now… Gary, George and myself will be sitting on a porch whittling and spitting baccy, still discussing where to go for breakfast.

My epitaph will read… so long and thanks for all the fish