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The Wisdom: Wolf Creek’s John Jarratt

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John Jarratt

From Picnic At Hanging Rock to Wolf Creek 2, Jarratt has been a grizzled stalwart of the Aussie movie scene.

A wise man knows… little and seeks to know much more.

But you confirm stupidity by… not thinking.

What really scares me is… ignorance, intolerance, and the inability to accept.

When I was a kid I… wanted to grow up.

Now that I’m grown up… I miss that kid every day.

If I could talk to my teen self the message would be… enjoy the moment; don’t take things too seriously; remember you’re free; be a bit selfish; learn to love yourself because only then can you really love someone else.

Success is… doing what you want to do in life.

Failure can… strengthen you in a very positive way if you let it. Then it, too, becomes a success.

When in doubt… weigh up the consequences.

At the end of a hard day… relax.

I’m inspired by… goodness and enthusiasm to achieve goals for yourself and for those who matter the most to you.

The film that changed my life was… Life is Beautiful and, recently, The Railway Man.

The blank script is… an invitation to dreams being realised and messages delivered.

When I watch my own stuff I… usually enjoy it these days, as I’ve finally learnt how to act.

Criticism is… easy. Doing is harder, but more enjoyable.

People often underrate… themselves – especially Australians, as rating yourself is seen as big-noting yourself. It’s one thing that holds this country back.

The best place to be is… in a state of relative contentment.

The one thing I’ll never do again… is repeat the past.

If a song had to play whenever I arrived somewhere I’d want it to be… Walk On The Wild Side.

At parties I’m… dancing on tables, sober.

The morning after… I’m jogging along the beach without a headache.

Being an Aussie means… being carefree and irreverent; taking the piss but never taking any shit; looking after your mates; taking on a challenge and never giving up; giving it to the Poms; taking the country seriously but not ourselves.

Australia really should… believe in itself and realise its vast potential in most areas of life and living.

Twenty years from now… I want to continue making movies with my company OzPix.

Kids are… everything to me. I’ve got six. My partner and my kids come first, then everything else second.

Women will… save us if we let them. The murderers, rapists, child molesters and war makers are 98 per cent men.

Love is… giving completely without expectation and receiving through it complete satisfaction.

Looking at the stars I… talk to my mum and dad who are no longer on this earth.

Top of my bucket list is… to never become an old man.

My epitaph will be… “He always jumped off the cliff with love and to hell with the fear.”