Jack Thompson

The Wisdom: Australian Legend Jack Thompson

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Jack Thompson

The actor has been a giant of Australian cinema and TV for more than 40 years.

My first-ever memory is… my mother’s face. She died before I was five years old but I remember her affectionate smile. I realised later in life she must have loved my brother and I very much.

Ridiculously, when I was a kid… I didn’t want to be an actor.

Amazingly, now I’m an adult… I am an actor.

Any success I’ve had… has been 30 per cent good fortune and 70 per cent hard work.

I never thought I’d say it but… I’m happy to be in my seventies.

One thing I’d never part with is… my daily tai chi and chi gung routine.

When in doubt I… take time to consider.

After a hard day I… have a good night.

A wise man knows… to follow his stomach. But the sage man knows to follow the chef!

The funniest thing that… I know is that laugher really is the best medicine.

You’ll always find me with a… good book to read.

My favourite place has to be… home, in the company of those I love.

My favourite item of clothing is… a pair of old army jungle green pants. They are great for working around the house or camping out and they have plenty of roomy pockets and are robustly constructed. These days they are even considered quite fashionable summer clothing, it seems.

One place I never want to see again is… it’s not so much the place as the circumstances.

At parties I’m usually… enjoying myself. Celebration is important to me.

On Saturday morning I… every day I wake up is a good morning.

A song I can’t help dance to is… Tequila!

The book that changed my life was… well, actually, many books have influenced my appreciation of life.

I reckon the Mona Lisa’s thinking…I can’t believe Leonardo has been painting this portrait for over a decade and continues to adjust detail after detail.

If I could turn back time… I’d do most of it again – only more so!

Something people always get wrong is… that I am the characters that I play on screen. I suppose it’s a compliment to my performances, in a way.

I get infuriated by… intolerance and prejudice.

I’m always inspired when… I see the triumph of the human spirit.

Children are the… constant reminder of the ever-present child within ourselves.

Women can be relied on… to bring you joy.

Twenty years from now… I’ll seriously consider retirement.

My epitaph will… be written by others.

If there’s a God then…???!

When I look at the night sky I feel… very small and at the same time that I am a minute part of something infinite. I am often overwhelmed by its sheer beauty.