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Speak her language: Meet The Ultimate Travel Translator

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Remember the Babel Fish travel translator from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?

Well, it’s about to become reality.

The Pilot travel translator is a pair of tiny earbud-sized gadgets that offers two wearers speaking different languages real-time translation of their conversation.

Created by Waverly Labs, the Pilot is being supported by a crowdfunding campaign.

“It’s the dream, you know?” said founder Andrew Ochoa, who got the Pilot idea after meeting a French girl. “A life untethered, free of language barriers. It’s just that it’s no longer a dream anymore.”

The Pilot syncs with your smartphone, toggles easily between languages and can also be used to play music.

The initial release will feature French, English, Spanish and Italian, with Hindi and Asian languages to follow.

Check out the demo video above of Ochoa with a French beauty.the pilot travel translator


Granted, there’s a time lag in the translation but future generations of such devices boggle the imagination.

The Pilot is to be priced at $US129 and available later this year.