The 10 Things You Should Never Say On a First Date

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Remember to set the filter before you head out to meet a new person.

“That reminds me of my ex”

Don’t let the ghosts of ex-girlfriends past haunt a potential new relationship — banging on about an ex-girlfriend is such a glaring red flag it’s practically vermillion.

“You’re too beautiful to be single”

What she hears: “So what the hell is wrong with you, then?” She’ll find an interrogation of her dating CV intrusive, especially if she’s uncomfortable talking or even thinking about reasons behind past break-ups.

“You’d be a great mum”

Slow down, cowboy — don’t go drawing up five-year plans before you’ve even finished your entrees.

“You have beautiful eyes”

She’s put so much effort into her hair, her make-up, her outfit, her choice of venue . . . and you leap into the laziest, cheesiest cliche in the book. Pay your date some attention and comment on something unique and specific you like about her.


“My therapist tells me . . .”

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of professional help, but you probably don’t need to go waving that red flag in her face five minutes after meeting her.

“You’re so bossy”

When was the last time a tough, assertive, confident man was called ‘bossy’? Never. And that’s why she’ll think you’re sexist if you drop this line.

“So I saw on Facebook you . . .”

Creepy with a capital C — your online stalking skills will sooner win you an AVO rather than any brownie points, so keep the cyber-sleuthing to yourself.

“Who’s that friend of yours in your Tinder profile?”

Foot, meet mouth.


“You remind me of my mum”

A first date isn’t the appropriate setting for your deep-seated Freudian confessions.

“Ugh, I had the worst day at work”

Negativity isn’t a turn-on and no women has ‘whinging’ written on the list of desirable qualities they’re looking for in a man — keep chat light, fluffy, and upbeat, speaking highly of work, friends, family, and yes, even ex-girlfriends.