The Style Evolution of Birthday Boy Mick Jagger

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We celebrate the fashion ages of the style icon, who turns 73 today…

1. Cool Britannia

Pictured here with one of James Bond’s signature rides, an Aston Martin DB6, Mick personified mid-1960s British cool — a bit of mod thrown in with a modicum of street fighting dangerous rocker.


2. Gender Bender

With the 1960s easing into the sexually fluid 1970s, Mick embraced more feminine styles of fashion when performing. Here he is performing in Hyde Park in 1969. It’s no surprise he and fellow sexual-and-style chameleon David Bowie enjoyed an intimate friendship.


3. Long-Haired Lover

In 1973 Mick posed with a hair style and dress sense that would come into fashion again two decades later in the early grunge phase. Actually, if you had cheekbones and lips like his, you could rock this look anytime.


4. Gentleman Rocker

While he’d get around in furs and leather pants, Mick Jagger is also at home playing the British dandy, as he did in this 1976 portrait.



After a decade strutting stages in leather pants and not much else, Mick took his love of the USA to the literal extreme by wrapping himself in the American flag in 1982. Of course, he got away with it. You do it and you’d be hanged.


6. Dirty Work

Okay, so even Mick gets his clobber wrong occasionally. But let’s face it, the late 1980s weren’t kind to anyone. Here he is circa 1987’s album Dirty Work, which actually contains a few killer tracks despite its dodgy rep.


7. These Days

Here’s Mick earlier this year at the premiere of his ace TV show Vinyl, now sadly cancelled. He’s gone for a simpler look these days. But if you can pull this off at 73, you’ll be doing well!