The Six Secrets To A Perfect Tinder Profile Pic

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Stand out from the crowd and get her swiping right by following these six steps.

Ditch the accessories

Sunnies, hats, chokers, cravats, basically anything that distracts from your smiling face shouldn’t appear in a profile pic — especially shades, which come between your potential match and the proverbial windows to your soul. Good grooming also goes a long way, so don’t upload a selfie featuring that ironic Tom Selleck moustache from last Movember.


Bright colours

In an ocean of shirtless bathroom selfies, blokes posing with tigers in Thailand, and men proudly displaying the spoils of their last fishing trip, bold colours help you stand out from the crowd. We’re not talking a fluorescent orange leopardskin print, but a tasteful coloured shirt is more eye-catching than a bog standard white or grey tee.


No photos with women

Who is she . . . an ex you’re not quite over yet? A mate you’ve conscripted to make Tinder swipers jealous? Your sister (and why on earth would you want to be snapped with your sibling on Tinder)? Congratulations, you’ve spoken to members of the opposite sex before — but it’s a dumb move to post that as your profile pic and raise all those question marks.

1 Be natural

Your profile picture should convey what you’ll look like when you meet her at the bar for a drink — so if you’re a T-shirt and jeans sort of guy, then don’t write a cheque you can’t cash by posting a swanky suit selfie that doesn’t really show who you are. Smile and keep it casual — you’re not posing for a driver’s license or a school photo, you’re just trying to look like a warm, friendly guy.

No group shots

A photo of you and your mates is a good way of communicating your social skills, but not in the shop window that is your profile picture — you don’t want her playing a game of Where’s Wally trying to figure out which one you actually are, and you certainly don’t want to leave her disappointed if she realises you’re not the bloke she had her eyes on.


Get feedback

You know who knows what women on Tinder like? Women who use Tinder! That doesn’t mean asking your matches what they loved so much about your snaps — we’re talking about conferring with your female friends about what makes you swipe-worthy. They’ll be sure to steer you away from that cliched fishing trip selfie . . .