The Six Little Things Women Notice in a Man

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The bits she’s sizing up when you first meet.

Your greeting

Kiss, handshake, hug — whatever you’re going for, do it with confidence. That means a warm smile and a friendly greeting, and if a handshake’s involved, find that happy medium between wet fish and bone-crusher.

Your shoes

Remember the final scene in the Shawshank Redemption, when Andy Dufresne sneaks back to his cell wearing Warden Norton’s shiny dress shoes rather than his scruffy work boots because “the guard simply didn’t notice?” Sorry gents, ladies are a little more perceptive. A good pair matched with a nice outfit gives her the impression you’re a man of style.


Your forearms 

Eyes, clothes, hair — they’re obvious aspects of your appearance she’s scanning. But don’t forget toned forearms, which she imagines lifting weights or chopping wood or wrapped around her in a cuddle.

freaky-forearm-trainingYour manners

This doesn’t mean holding open doors and pulling out seats and all those other cheesy gestures cartoon characters pull to woo the girl — it means holding eye contact while she’s talking, treating the waiter with respect when he takes your order, and keeping your phone in your pocket when you’re together. Basic courtesy, nothing corny.

Your watch

Choice of timepiece is the mark of a man and gives her a great insight into your sense of style. She doesn’t expect you to necessarily flash a five-figure timepiece but a cheap rubber digital job you’ve picked up at the servo certainly won’t cut it.


Your teeth

Not only a sign of how well you look after yourself, but on a date, also a key factor in how keen she’ll be to kiss you — because no one wants to lock lips with a fuzzy set of chompers that haven’t seen a dentist since you were at high school. If you keep your pearly whites in good condition, show them off with a grin — “you’ve got a great smile!” isn’t the most hackneyed line in the book for nothing.