The Seven Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017

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Wondering where to book your next trip? These seven places are having a moment.


Maybe we’ve all been watching too many episodes of Narcos but travellers are obsessed with the post Pablo Escobar Colombia, from his rejuvenated home town of Medellin to the booming capital Bogota and the stunning colonial fort city of Cartagena (below), with acres of lush rainforest and coffee plantations in between.

Sri Lanka

The tiny island off India has been welcoming visitors in droves since the end of the civil war in 2009, flocking to a land of world-class surf beaches, unblemished national parks, Buddhist temples and European forts, sumptuous street food, and a burgeoning scene of wellness retreats.


This enormous (and enormously popular) nation celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017, meaning it’s a better time than ever to visit. Canada is the second largest country on earth so there’s no shortage of outdoor attractions, but the Rocky Mountains in British Colombia (below) are positively unmissable.


The former Soviet state, not the current American one. Having a bloke named Putin as your next door neighbour isn’t exactly a huge drawcard but the seaside nation is pulling in plenty of tourists with its beautiful Baltic Sea coastline and a vibrant hipster food and drink culture.

Tbilisi, Georgia


If you want a more authentic taste of the Middle East than what Dubai serves up, then head south to Oman — a country jammed with equally luxurious resorts but also traditional desert camps, camel treks, scuba diving, craggy mountains, and rugged coastline punctuated by surprisingly good beaches.


If Portugal isn’t one of the hottest destinations on earth right now, it’s certainly one of the most Instagrammable, with #travel hashtags hijacked by visitors gushing about the colourful capital Lisbon, the turquoise blue water and golden beaches of the Algarve (below), quaint villages, and a bohemian cultural life.


There are more places to safari than just South Africa — and in fact, one of the best is right next door. All those lions, rhinos and elephants help explain why Namibia’s tourist trade is booming in 2017, almost three decades after the country gained long-awaited independence.