The Morning Habits of Successful Men

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Reckon Malcolm Turnbull presses snooze nine times before fuelling himself with a coffee and a piece of gum? Nor do we. This is how successful men start their day.

Be smart the night before

You don’t need that extra episode of Mad Men on your laptop at 1.30am — keep your bed an electronics-free zone and unplug at least an hour before your head hits the pillow. Set yourself a routine like having a cup of tea and reading a book 30 minutes before you nod off, giving yourself plenty of time to unwind before a good night’s kip.


Step away from the snooze button

When your alarm blares, remember the JFDI rule: just f*cking do it. Setting an alarm 30 minutes before your need to get up is just robbing yourself of half an hour’s quality sleep, and if you feel the need to rest your eyes for another 10 minutes then it’s a sign you need to get to bed earlier. Get into the habit of throwing the blinds open and stumbling out of bed straightaway — you’ll feel a lot better after five minutes of heavy eyelids than after six skipped alarms that throws your entire morning schedule out the window.

Exercise right away

Your stores of willpower are at their strongest first thing in the morning so get the blood flowing before you go to work. A morning workout pumps adrenaline through your veins to energise you for the day ahead, and avoid all those excuses you come up with to avoid the gym at 6pm after a tough day at work.


Prepare an easy breakfast

The less thinking you have to do while you’re still wiping sleep out of your eyes, the better, so plan brekkie the night before. Overnight oats — mixing the ingredients the night before then letting them soak in the fridge, like a chia pudding loaded with fresh berries — is the recipe du jour. Protein’s particularly important first thing in the morning so smoked salmon on avocado, for example, is another good feed. Don’t rely on that stick of gum and guzzling a quick coffee . . . you can bet Obama doesn’t.